Great Microbiologists (Warning: Contains Lego)

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4 Responses to Great Microbiologists (Warning: Contains Lego)

  1. ncurse says:

    Oh dear. :) Who the hell has so much time?

  2. Phil Bridges says:

    Hi Alan, what an amazing blog! I wonder if this sort of thing winds up in today’s schools? Almost 40 years ago (yes, I really am ancient!) our ‘treat’ was to listen to the odd BBC for Schools broadcast and I though that was great fun, but if I had seen items like your brewery trip and the ‘Lego’ clip I’d have been the top pupil!

    (Ohh and err thanks, at last an RSS feed I can add that isn’t about Apple Macs or Computer technology… zzzz)

  3. V Thigpen says:

    I loved the Legos on Microbiology. I really wanted to share it with my 7th grade science class but could not get it to show at school. What format is it? It only shows a blue box… any suggestions? Thanks

  4. ajcann says:

    The video is hosted on YouTube in Flash format. This information may be of help to you:

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