Bartonella rochalimae

BaronellaIn World War I tens of thousands of soldiers suffered from a disease known as trench fever, the symptoms of which are severe leg and back pain and recurrent fevers. Trench fever is caused by the bacterium Bartonella quintana, which was spread by body lice in the trenches. There are other species of Bartonella which cause problems, the most notable being Bartonella henselae, which was identified about 10 years ago as the cause of cat scratch fever, a disease which infects more than 25,000 people a year in the USA. The Andes are also home to another Bartonella species, Bartonella bacilliformis, the causative agent of Oroya fever, which is endemic to Peru and spread by sand flies. An Australian woman traveling in the Peruvian Andes suffered from a potentially life-threatening anemia, with an enlarged spleen and a high fever for several weeks. The cause of her infection has now been found to be Bartonella rochalimae, a previously unknown species.

Bacteremia, Fever, and Splenomegaly Caused by a Newly Recognized Bartonella Species.
NEJM 2007 356: 2381-2387

Cat Scratch Disease

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  1. Kathie Libert says:

    I believe I may have Bartonella with bone involvement, heart arithmia, and painful nodules up and down my legs that are below the surface of the skin. Without going into the details, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease (three positive urine PCR tests). I came down with a painful bone hemangioma on the forehead which was removed, however, at the time Bartonella was not even on the radar screen so no diagnosis was tempted. I have another one that is still within the eye socket and as soon as I go off of antibiotics, it comes back. I would like to find a doctor within the Northern Virginia, Washington DC area that understands this disease so I can feel confident that I am treating it appropriately. This disease seems unfamiliar to doctors.

    Need Help!
    Kathie Libert

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