MicrobiologyBytes On Monday 3rd November 2008, MicrobiologyBytes rolled over the half a million page views mark. Not such a big deal in the mega-techblog world, but quite an achievement for a lil’ old microbiology blog run by lil’ old me and my staff of … well, just me actually.

However, I didn’t achieve this milestone without some help. I’d like to publicly acknowledge the support of the Open Access PLoS Journals, which I am proud to be associated with (PLoS Biology at 5: The Future Is Open Access); The Society for General Microbiology, who have sponsored MicrobiologyBytes; and my guest bloggers, who have contributed in their own inimitable way.

Here’s to the next half a million!

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4 Responses to 500,000

  1. geomarz says:

    Bon, Felicitations !
    Je vous ecrie en francais, parsce que je n’ecri pas du tout bien en anglais. Je lis, seulement.
    Donc, je desire introduir dans mon blog qullques informations obtenues de vous mais traduit en romain (je suis de Romanie).
    Je vous demande l’accept.
    Georgica Zbaganu

  2. Ed Rybicki says:

    …on peut utiliser Google, peut-etre??

  3. Ed Rybicki says:

    But congratulations, Alan: I consider MBytes a primary teaching material source, and oblige my students to read it as part of our curriculum, such is its perceived value in Microbiology.

    Long may it last!

  4. Amiya says:

    Unbelievable! Congratulations galore. I find your statistics pages useful too.

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