Busy, busy, busy

Busy I’ve been very busy over the last few weeks, mostly going to and talking at a whole series of conferences, but also not writing Principles of Molecular Virology (too busy), and spending lots of time sitting in hospitals waiting to get my antibiotic fix for an annoying eye infection. As a result, MicrobiologyBytes has been a bit lightweight recently, and I apologize.

But now it’s time to get going again! I really appreciated the feedback from everyone who contributed to yesterday’s post, and I’ve got a few good ideas I’d like to try out over the next few weeks – make sure you tell me what you think of them when I roll them out. Most importantly, from tomorrow, we’ll be back on a regular schedule with all the microbiology you can take! Stick around and keep commenting :-)

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2 Responses to Busy, busy, busy

  1. Ed Rybicki says:

    Stop fooling about. Get back to work!! B-)

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