Microbial Resource Management (MRM): environmental biotechnology

On the 11th October at the Society for Applied Microbiology hosted a lecture by Proffessor Willy Verstraete on Microbial Resource Management. Here’s the blurb:

In the 21st century, we are faced with a set of challenges: from climate change to the need for renewable energy sources, the threat of new pandemics and the general demise in environmental quality. The role of micro-organisms in each of these challenges is crucially important and to fully understand how microbes play a part, we must better explore our microbial resources as they currently exist – in culture collections or at evolved environmental sites. We need to develop key strategies to deal with microbial communities, instead of thinking in terms of haphazard assemblages of species. A pragmatic approach to this problem is proposed in this lecture, making use of current developments in molecular methods. Also, a list of potential environmental biotech solutions which are appropriate to the current market economy are presented. By upgrading the services of microbial communities through implementing Microbial Resource Management (MRM) and combining these communities with novel technology, we can indeed address these challenges.

And here’s the lecture:


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One Response to Microbial Resource Management (MRM): environmental biotechnology

  1. Microbes are vesatile group of living things and have ppotential to mitigate the problem of pollution even radioactive pollution. Microbes are applied for production of variety of things but that things could be dangerous to huminityeg. Bioweapons.There are lot of research on Microbial diversity and constoria for Bioremidiation purpose. Microbes can degrades Xenobiotics and act as green clean technology but there are lot of problem facesed by Scientific person of world to find the culture media of known bacteria.future world economy totaly based on Microbes and their products.GENETIC ENGG. also play role in Microbes Germplasm conservation. Few Research Institution are working in field of conservation of Ariculturally important microbes National Beauro OF Agriculturally Important Microorganism(ICAR)-MAU-UP-INDIA.Microbial community also conserve by Microbes DNA fingerprinting and with the help of DGGE AND RT- PCR like Instruments.Finally we can say that Microbes are benificial to us so we conseve it and Fulfil the dream of Microbial Resource Management(MRM).
    By- Devi Deen Pandey,FTE(BHU),Res.Scholar,Deptt. of ESE.,GJUS&T-Hisar-India-I25001

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