What are the top 10 questions in virology?

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Top 10 lists of microbes have been all the rage recently – but here’s a more interesting top 10 list – What are the top 10 questions in Virology?

Why is that more interesting? Paul Duprex of the SGM Virology Division is asking you for your input into a symposium to be held in 2014. Send Paul your puzzling virology questions via  @10queues and top scientists may wind up debating them for you! To give you a flavour, here’s one of the questions that has been asked so far:

Why don’t we have an HIV vaccine yet?

So what are the other top nine questions? Send them to Paul.

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2 Responses to What are the top 10 questions in virology?

  1. Muhammad Younis says:

    Viruses are living or not?
    How new vaccines are made for newly emerge virus?
    Are they part of our body AN EFFECTED part?
    What is best way to combat with outbreaks of viral diseases?

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