Adenovirus Vaccines Reinstated

History of Vaccines Blog I normally point to primary literature rather than other blogs here, but I’m making an exception today for two reasons. First, the History of Vaccines Blog is a consistent good read. Second, adenovirus vaccines are a fascinating case study of cost-benefit analysis of vaccination:

“Eighteen years after the sole manufacturer of adenovirus vaccine announced its discontinuation, adenovirus type 7 and type 4 vaccines are once again available for U.S. military trainees. The adenovirus vaccination program resumed in October 2011, with enlisted soldiers receiving the vaccine during basic training. The re-licensure of the vaccine required significant investment by the U.S. government and long years of testing and regulatory review, during which rates of adenovirus illness in the military rose. The history of the vaccine’s disappearance illustrates the precarious position of some of our lesser-used vaccines.”

Adenovirus Vaccines Reinstated After Long Absence. History of Vaccines Blog, 17 April 2012

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