Life on Mars? Probably not, sorry. 

NASA’s Curiosity rover has sniffed the Martian atmosphere for methane and, so far, turned up empty. The much-anticipated measurement strikes a blow to the hope that previous hints of methane could have been an indication of current  life on Mars.


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3 Responses to Life on Mars? Probably not, sorry. 

  1. Ed Rybicki says:

    …didn't find any methane THERE.  No methane IN ONE PLACE on Mars.  How about life is scarce enough that one can only detect methane at the few places it escapes tot eh surface?

  2. But levels in the atmosphere in general are not suggestive of current metabolic activity.

  3. Ed Rybicki says:

    Aaaaarghh!!  No!!  You can't tell me that!!  Not after SO many years of reading science fiction, and hope…B-(

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