Self-boosting vaccine could give single-shot immunity 

Vaccines are one of the most successful public health interventions we’ve developed—a simple injection can lead to a life-long immunity to disease-causing agents. But not every vaccine is so successful; for a number of agents, regular booster shots are needed to prevent immunity from fading. But researchers are starting to look into a possible route around this problem: a self-boosting vaccine. The challenge will be making one that’s safe and acceptable to the public.
A paper published in PNAS earlier this week made me aware that researchers are now looking at ways to avoid the requirement for extra shots. A self-boosting vaccine would, with a single dose, give people regular re-exposure to the proteins of dangerous infectious agents possibly handling several risks with a single dose. The downside? The method would involve giving the vaccine’s recipients a lifelong viral infection. Ars Technica:

PNAS: Self-boosting vaccines and their implications for herd immunity:


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