Norovirus – making a fuss about nothing? 

For all the media attention on the UK norovirus “epidemic” over the past few weeks, current figures recently released by the UK Health Protection Agency (see: ) suggest that this norovirus season (“”winter vomiting”) is not particularly unusual.
HPA update on seasonal norovirus activity: 2 January 2013:


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5 Responses to Norovirus – making a fuss about nothing? 

  1. Gis Mo says:

    or because of frozen strawberries from china ;o)

  2. Dr. RH Bennett says:

    Or because of better diagnostics and more community affairs aka banguets, cruise ships. The problem of infection risk is simply a matter of statistical risk. Infected persons shed billions if not trillions of virions. It only takes a few to cause infection. Thus a 99.999% control rate or sanitation rate is simply not enough. Virus will prevail with those odds and there is little we can do about it other than avoid communal risk if you like. I for one dont think its worth it. Wash you hands well and dance the dance. Having a virus like this from time to time may be good focusing exercise for your immune system in the long run.

  3. There may be a scientific reason for the increase. See

    However there may well be an element of the other sources of bias as mentioned above. I view Norovirus as the gastroenterological equivalent of the common cold; nuisance value for most except very elderly or immunocompromised in whom it can cause more serious illness, and very difficult (bordering on impossible) to prevent transmission.

    I suspect 99% of us have had Norovirus at some point or other in our lives, even if we haven’t realised it.


  4. See: Indications for worldwide increased norovirus activity associated with emergence of a new variant of genotype II.4, late 2012.

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