Bug busting properties of Manuka honey assessed 

“You won’t bee-lieve it! Could manuka honey beat drug-resistant superbugs?” asks the Mail Online website, prompted by a new study into the bacteria killing potential of honey. However, one salient point missing from the news coverage of the study is that it was funded and partly carried out by a company called Comvita, which supplies medical grade honey. Although this does not necessarily mean the results are biased, ideally they need to be replicated and confirmed by independent laboratories.
While the current study does give further information about the action of honey in the laboratory, the real test is to assess the effects on real patients. A recent systematic review by the Cochrane collaboration has suggested that while there are initial indications honey may have some effect in moderate burns, as yet there is no robust evidence of a beneficial effect of honey on wound healing.

NHS Choices: http://goo.gl/7A7kc


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2 Responses to Bug busting properties of Manuka honey assessed 

  1. Still waiting for non industry funded science on vaccines. Why so quick to point out the funding regime for a potential natural remedy, and not so willing to do so for conventional western medicine?

  2. Because the Daily Mail failed to note the fact.

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