Time for a change

Reasons not to change In the years I have been writing MicrobiologyBytes this site has gone through many changes. It has moved platforms, moved hosts and had to adapt to many new things. The way people access this site has changed, with thousands of people now reading the content via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email. The devices people read the content on have changed too – fewer computer screens these days, many more mobile phones. So it’s time I made another change.

Starting this week, MicrobiologyBytes is moving to a weekly publication schedule. You’ll still get all the great microbiology news that you always have but it will be arrive in one convenient package rather than spread out. You’ll still be able to read the content for free, via whatever route you have always preferred. But I’m adding something new too – a handy free email subscription option which works on any device but is particularly useful for people on mobile phones. Don’t forget to look out for the confirmation email (so people can’t sign up your email address without your permission) – it could wind up in your junk mail folder.

If you would like to sign up for this new service, you’ll be getting the new look MicrobiologyBytes in your inbox soon. You can easily unsubscribe with a single click if you find you don’t like it. And if you want to carry on reading as you have always done, that will work too :-)

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