Retroviruses – NCBI Bookshelf

Retroviruses - NCBI Bookshelf Earlier today I needed to look something up. You know, in a real book, not Wikipedia. Except that the book was electronic, online and free.

Many people will have seen the NCBI Bookshelf, but it’s always a surprise to me that a resource of this quality has existed, for free, for so long. It’s also a reminder of how long I’ve been in this microbiology game and how much has changed.

Like many of the other NCBI resources, Retroviruses could be viewed as a bit long in the tooth these days. Certainly everything in it needs to be checked for currency by following citation trails to later knowledge (you do have the information skills that allow you to do that, don’t you?) but as an authorative resource it’s second to none.

I’ve had some good days and some bad days this week. The NCBI Bookshelf has certainly helped to make this one of the better ones.


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