Microbiology Today – microbial superheroes

The latest issue of Microbiology Today – microbial superheroes is available for download from http://www.sgm.ac.uk/en/publications/microbiology-today/current-issue.cfm

Microbiology Today - microbial superheroes

In this issue:

The shape-shifting superhero: Dictyostelium discoideum
This social amoeba has superhero, shape-shifting qualities, and is able to switch between a unicellular and a multicellular existence.

Diatoms: glass-dwelling dynamos
Superheroes have a reputation for being larger than life, but it is the unseen micro- organisms such as diatoms that can have a substantial impact on our lives.

The immortal, halophilic superhero: Halobacterium salinarum – a long-lived poly-extremophile
Halobacterium salinarum is an extremophile superhero on at least three counts: how are its extreme halophily, radiation resistance and longevity interconnected?

Heroic exertion of radiation-resistant extremophiles
An overview of ‘super’ radiation-resistant extremophiles and their potential uses in biotechnology and medicine.

Herpes simplex virus – master of disguise and invisibility
Invisibility would probably be high on anyone’s wish list of superpowers. But HSV has got there first.


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