Welcome to new microbiology students

MicrobiologyBytes MicrobiologyBytes has been explaining the latest news about microbiology for nearly ten years and is read by thousands of people worldwide each month. I hope that you will become one of them. You can read MicrobiologyBytes on this website, or if you prefer, get notification of new items on Facebook or Twitter or by email (click the Follow button top right). And it’s all free and always will be.

Over the years, I have built up collections of thousands of microbiology images such as bacteria, viruses and fungi which you’re free to use as long as you remember to say where you got them from.

So whether you’re a student (or a teacher) of microbiology, welcome to MicrobiologyBytes. Remember to ask lots of questions, and most importantly – enjoy learning. And if you, like me, are not so new to microbiology, thanks for sticking around. i’d appreciate it if you left me a brief comment on how you use MicrobiologyBytes and if there’s anything else you’d lie to see here – because while the content is microbiology, MicrobiologyBytes is really all about you.


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