The Buzz about Honey Bee Viruses

The Buzz about Honey Bee Viruses This short review presents current understanding of the role of viruses on honey bee health and address some overarching questions in honey bee virology.

  • Why Should I Be Concerned about Honey Bee Colony Losses and What Is Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)?
  • What Are the Most Common Viruses Infecting Honey Bees and How Do They Impact Bee Health?
  • How Are Bee Viruses Transmitted?
  • What Are the Mechanisms of Honey Bee Antiviral Defense?
  • What Is the Future of Honey Bee Virology?


The Buzz about Honey Bee Viruses. (2016) PLoS Pathog 12 (8): e1005757. doi: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1005757

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