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Virus logistics – vimentin is required for parvovirus infection

Parvoviruses have always been a bit of a mystery because they are very fussy about the types of cell they will grow in. Continue reading

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How Parvoviruses Escape Interferon Control

Clever parvovirus – small, but perfectly formed. Continue reading

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Productive Parvovirus B19 Infection of Primary Human Cells

Human parvovirus B19 is the etiological agent of fifth disease seen in children, aplastic crisis in sickle cell disease patients, chronic anemia in immunocompromised patients, and hydrops fetalis in pregnant women. 35 years after its discovery, it was still not possible to propagate B19 in vitro in a productive and sustainable manner. Continue reading

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Understanding the next Ebola virus rather than panicking about the current one

How emerging diseases emerge. Continue reading

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First detailed characterization of a novel human virus

With a recurrent pandemic of newly emerging viruses worldwide, there is strong interest in uncovering novel viruses that can infect humans. Continue reading

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Does human bocavirus infection depend on helper viruses?

Human bocavirus (HBoV) was discovered in 2005. There remains the possibility that HBoV infections depend on helper viruses or at least contribute synergistically to clinical disease. Continue reading

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Herpes Helper Activities for Adeno-Associated Virus Replication

Adeno-Associated Viruses (AAV) are human parvoviruses widely used as a recombinant vector for gene transfer in animal studies and clinical trials designed to treat acquired or inherited genetic diseases. Wild type AAV is defined as a defective virus because it … Continue reading

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A novel Bocavirus associated with acute gastroenteritis in children

Acute gastroenteritis (AGE) is a common illness affecting all age groups worldwide, causing an estimated three million deaths annually. However, in many patients a causal agent cannot be found despite extensive diagnostic testing. Proposing that novel viruses are the reason … Continue reading

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Malaria Researchers Identify New Mosquito Virus

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have characterized a virus that is infectious to Anopheles gambiae – the mosquito primarily responsible for transmitting malaria. According to the researchers, this virus could potentially be used to pass on new genetic information to … Continue reading

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