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Potential industrial biotechnology with cyanobacteria and eukaryotic microalgae

Both cyanobacteria and eukaryotic microalgae are promising organisms for sustainable production of bulk products such as food, feed and fuels. Continue reading

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Chloroviruses – not your everyday plant virus

Viruses infecting higher plants are typically small RNA viruses that encode only a few genes. Although small viruses have recently been discovered that infect algae, many viruses infecting eukaryotic algae are huge dsDNA viruses with genomes ranging from 160 to … Continue reading

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Predator and Prey

Marine dinoflagellates produce a diverse suite of complex toxins, yet the biological reason remains unclear. Among this group, Karlodinium veneficum is a small (∼8–12 μm) phytoplankton, common in coastal aquatic ecosystems. It has a mixed nutritional mode, relying on both … Continue reading

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