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Zika virus and interferon

Zika virus cannot replicate in mice – unless you knock out the mouse type I interferon with antibodies. As we know, Zika can replicate all too well in humans, but the pathogenesis and cell tropism of this troubling virus is … Continue reading

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Are there are lots more emerging viruses now or is there another explanation?

A new paper in PNAS looks a some of the factors behind the apparent increase in emerging viruses. Continue reading

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Pathogenesis and Emergence of Arboviruses

Arboviruses are distributed worldwide and represent over 30% of all emerging infectious diseases identified in the past decade. This review describes virus interferon antagonists and common strategies that arboviruses use to counter the host innate immune response. Continue reading

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Present and future arbovirus threats

Arthropod-borne viruses (arboviruses) are transmitted biologically among vertebrate hosts by hematophagous (blood feeding) arthropod vectors such as mosquitoes and other biting flies, and ticks. Being, by definition, biologically transmitted, arboviruses must replicate in the arthropod vector prior to transmission, as … Continue reading

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Midges and the emergence of bluetongue virus in northern Europe

Bluetongue is a disease of ruminants caused by Bluetongue virus (BTV) and it is transmitted by biting midges. In sheep, clinical signs of BTV infection can include fever, vasodilation, swelling and, in severe cases, death, although the severity of symptoms … Continue reading

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