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Drawing the line – they shall not pass?

The Wallace Line may not protect Australia from the spread of viruses. Continue reading

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Microbiology Twitter Journal Club #microtwjc – tonight, 8pm BST

twitter.com/search/%23microtwjc Read: Bats host major mammalian paramyxoviruses. (2012) Nature Communications 3, Article number: 796 doi:10.1038/ncomms1796 The large virus family Paramyxoviridae includes some of the most significant human and livestock viruses, such as measles-, distemper-, mumps-, parainfluenza-, Newcastle disease-, respiratory syncytial … Continue reading

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The Developing Story of Bat White-nose Syndrome

The fungi are angry. First it was the frogs, then it was the bats. Are humans next?   Fungal Disease and the Developing Story of Bat White-nose Syndrome. (2012) PLoS Pathog 8(7): e1002779. doi:10.1371/journal.ppat.1002779 Two recently emerged cutaneous fungal diseases … Continue reading

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Rates of Virus Evolution Are Linked to Host Geography in Bats

Rapid evolution of RNA viruses is intimately linked to their success in overcoming the defenses of their hosts. Several studies have shown that rates of viral evolution can vary dramatically among distantly related viral families. Variability in the speed of … Continue reading

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