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The Buzz about Honey Bee Viruses

This short review presents current understanding of the role of viruses on honey bee health and address some overarching questions in honey bee virology. Why Should I Be Concerned about Honey Bee Colony Losses and What Is Colony Collapse Disorder … Continue reading

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Bees on their knees

Although honey bee pathology has been a field of study since ancient Greece, many questions remain regarding the impacts of microbes upon bee health. Continue reading

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Four new viruses of honey bees

There are numerous threats facing honey bee populations. Discovery and characterization of four new viruses will facilitate future monitoring of bee colones. Continue reading

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First the bees, now the bats

Bats, which are ‘keystone species’ in many ecosystems, play notable roles in plant pollination, forest regeneration and control of insect populations. Bats are important to human health as they are reservoirs or carriers for rabies and other viruses, parasites, and … Continue reading

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Picorna-like viruses associated with colony collapse disorder of bees

As the premier managed pollinator, the western honey bee, Apis mellifera, contributes more than $14 billion to USA agriculture annually. Beginning in 2006, the American apiculture industry experienced catastrophic losses of unknown origin. The phenomenon, called colony collapse disorder (CCD), … Continue reading

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Bee-Killing Parasite Genome Sequenced

Honey bee colonies are in decline in many parts of the world, in part due to pressures from a diverse assemblage of parasites and pathogens. Scientists have sequenced the genome of a parasite that can kill honey bees. Nosema ceranae … Continue reading

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