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10 things you didn't know about Schmallenberg virus (aka WTF is "Schmallenberg virus"?)

First it was foot and mouth virus. Then it was bluetongue virus. Now it is Schmallenberg virus. So here’s 10 things you didn’t know about Schmallenberg virus: Schmallenberg virus was first isolated in Schmallenberg, Germany, in November 2011. Schmallenberg virus … Continue reading

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Expression strategies of ambisense viruses

Among the negative RNA viruses, ambisense RNA viruses occupy a distinct niche. Ambisense viruses contain at least one ambisense RNA segment, i.e. an RNA that is in part of positive and in part of negative polarity. Because of this unique … Continue reading

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Bunyaviruses and the Interferon System

The family Bunyaviridae contains more than 350 viruses that are distributed throughout the world. Most members of the family are transmitted by arthopods, and several cause disease in man, domesticated animals and crop plants. Despite being recognized as an emerging … Continue reading

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