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What exactly happens when a virus infects a host?

There have been some great papers published recently summarizing the interactions which take place between virus and host during infection. The first to grab my eye was: Inflammasomes and viruses: cellular defence versus viral offence. J Gen Virol. 27 Jun … Continue reading

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The Virological Synapse

As obligate intracellular parasites, viruses have evolved diverse mechanisms to enter and exit from host cells. A requirement that is shared by all animal viruses is the use of cellular receptors for entry into cells to initiate viral infection. Receptors … Continue reading

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Rethinking dengue hemorrhagic fever

Dengue virus infection usually causes a severe flu like illness, although symptoms may be mild in young children. DHF, however, is a severe and sometimes fatal complication of dengue virus infection that affects about half a million people every year after … Continue reading

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Bacterial immune evasion

In mammals, adenosine assumes an essential role in regulating innate and acquired immune responses. Strong or excessive host inflammatory responses, e.g. in response to bacterial infection, exacerbate the tissue damage inflicted by invading pathogens. Successful immune clearance of microbes therefore … Continue reading

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How human pathogenic fungi sense and adapt to pH

The ability of fungal pathogens to cause disease is dependent on the ability to grow within the human host environment. In general, the human host environment can be considered a slightly alkaline environment, and the ability of fungi to grow … Continue reading

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The search for infectious causes of human cancers

Slightly more than 20% of the global cancer burden can presently be linked to infectious agents, including viruses, bacteria and parasites. This manuscript analyzes reasons for their relatively late discovery and highlights epidemiological observations that may point to an involvement … Continue reading

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An introduction to T cells

Nice introduction on YouTube: Related: Regulatory T cells control onset and course of malaria Natural Regulatory T Cells and Persistent Virus Infection The Hygiene Hypothesis

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Herpes Gladiatorum: a combative virus

Players of contact sports like rugby and wrestling can end up with an infection caused by Herpes Gladiatorum (HG), a virus belonging to the herpes family. It gets into the body through cuts and abrasions and the disease is sometimes … Continue reading

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The Anatomy of Virus Persistence

The many millions of humans who have life-long virus infections represent a major health issue for the 21st century but also a unique opportunity for investigative virologists. For persistent virus infections to endure, two ingredients are essential. The first is … Continue reading

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