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CRISPRs and bacterial pathogenesis

CRISPR-Cas systems have taken microbiology by storm in the last few years. Continue reading

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The worm's turn (note ironic placing of apostrophe)

No-one likes using animal models, but occasionally it is unaviodable to understand the pathogensis of infectious diseases. Recently, non-mamalian model systems, including amoeba, nematodes, insects, and fish, have been introduced to study host–pathogen interactions of human diseases.   Evaluation of … Continue reading

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This is either a very good idea or a very bad idea – you decide

It seems like only yesterday we were on the verge of international agreement to destroy all remaing laboratory stocks of smallpox (variola) virus. So it comes as something of a surprise to find people infecting monkeys with smallpox to study the pathogenesis of the disease. Continue reading

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Dengue virus infection activates the unfolded protein response

Dengue fever and Dengue hemorrhagic fever have emerged as some of the most important mosquito-borne virus diseases in the tropics. No effective vaccine or antiviral drug therapy is currently available against Dengue viruses and the mechanisms of pathogenesis in Dengue … Continue reading

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