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Coronavirus Chatter [podcast]

Coronaviruses are a hot topic at present. In this podcast, MicrobiologyBytes looks at where they come from and how they might affect you. Continue reading

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Good Bugs, Bad Bugs: Fun Kids Guide to Microbiology

Dive into the exciting world of Microbiology, narrated by one nice, helpful microbe called Benny and one not very nice germ called Mal. In this episode they introduce us to some of their microbe friends! Podcast Episode 1 (10 December … Continue reading

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MicrobiologyBytes Podcasts

For more than three years (since April 2006) I’ve been experimenting with podcasts covering all aspects of microbiology. I decided to have a break over the last month, and during that time I have been thinking about the future. On … Continue reading

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The structure of hepatitis E virus

Viral hepatitis is mostly caused by five distinct viruses named hepatitis A–E. Despite their names, the five viruses are unrelated, with totally different genome structures and replication mechanisms. Hepatitis E virus (HEV) is responsible for endemic hepatitis as well as … Continue reading

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Super-Resolution Light Microscopy of Escherichia coli

Cells arrange their components – proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids – in organized and reproducible ways to optimize their activities and to improve cell efficiency and survival. Eukaryotic cells have a complex arrangement of subcellular structures such as membrane-bound organelles … Continue reading

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How smart are bacteria?

A recent article in New Scientist entitled Why microbes are smarter than you thought looks at six behaviours that seem remarkably intelligent for single celled organisms. Single-celled organisms don’t have nervous systems, let alone brains, but they could be viewed … Continue reading

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Manuka honey

On MicrobiologyBytes I’ve often discussed dangerous antibiotic-resistant superbugs such as Staphylococcus aureus MRSA and Clostridium difficile, and what can be done about them. Manuka honey is gathered in New Zealand and Australia from bees which have fed on the manuka … Continue reading

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Toxins for microbial attack and plant defence

Millions of years of coevolution of plants and microbial pathogens have shaped both the abilities of microbial pathogens to overcome plant disease resistance and the abilities of plants to cope with microbial invasion. Phytopathogens from different taxonomic origins secrete structurally … Continue reading

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Hungry for hosts – gene flow in influenza virus

Wild waterfowl and seabirds are major natural reservoirs of influenza A viruses. Genetic analysis has revealed that influenza A viruses found in all other host species, including humans, were ultimately derived from avian viruses. Geographical separation of host species has … Continue reading

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