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Why poliovirus replication has been studied for more than 50 years

It’s very rare to find a long term prospective on any science topic being published in scientific journals. Continue reading

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The Polio-Eradication programme and the end game

It was my privilege to work with Phil Minor during my PhD. 25 years later (gulp), Phil looks back and forward to the polio endgame.   The Polio-Eradication programme and issues of the end game. J Gen Virol. Nov 29 … Continue reading

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Synthetic poliovirus and other designer viruses – what have we learned?

Studies of virus particles and the steps in their life cycle have spearheaded our understanding of biological systems at the molecular level. These studies, however, relied on virus specimens isolated from nature. This dependency changed forever in 2002 when the … Continue reading

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Vaccine-Derived Polioviruses

I started my scientific career working on vaccine-derived polioviruses. We’ve come a long way since those distant days and we’re slowly getting closer to eradicating polio worldwide, but it’s not all over yet: In 1988, the World Health Assembly resolved … Continue reading

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