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Malassezia Yeast Infections in Humans and Animals

Humans are covered from head-to-toe with Malassezia. Continue reading

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Making magnetic yeast

The ability to detect and respond to magnetic fields is not usually associated with living things. Yet some organisms, including some bacteria and various migratory animals, do respond to magnetic fields. In migratory animals like fish, birds, and turtles, this … Continue reading

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Is this how life got complicated?

Working alone, a single yeast cell in a dilute solution of sucrose would never take in enough glucose and fructose to be able to grow and divide. But by cooperating, clumps of yeast in the same solution have a chance. Continue reading

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New Mechanism Fundamental to the Spread of Invasive Yeast

A biofilm is a surface-associated population of microbes that is embedded in a cement of extracellular compounds. This cement is known as matrix. The two main functions of matrix are to protect cells from their surrounding environment, preventing drugs and … Continue reading

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How to extend your lifespan – you are what you eat

Studies using model organisms have pointed to the existence of evolutionarily conserved genes and signaling pathways that regulate life span. Changes in the activity of these genes/pathways have also been implicated in mediating the beneficial effect of calorie restriction, a … Continue reading

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